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Call For Papers

The Affirmative Couch publishes an online magazine, Out on the Couch, which is written by mental health professionals with expertise in working with LGBTQIA+, consensually non-monogamous, and/or kinky clients. Out on the Couch helps fight stigma by disseminating current, accurate information about the unique mental health needs of these communities. If you’re a subject matter expert on a related topic, please consider writing an article for us! It is a great way to bring more attention to your important work while earning residual income.

We are always looking for more articles about clinical work with LGBTQIA+, consensually non-monogamous, and/or kinky clients – please check out our previous articles for examples of topics – but are currently specifically seeking pieces related to the following subject areas as they relate to sexuality and gender:

  • Antiracism & Decolonizing Psychotherapy
  • Disordered Eating, Eating Disorders, and Diet Culture
  • Military Service Members and Veterans
  • Mindfulness, Yoga, and Holistic Client Care
  • Substance Use in LGBTQIA+ Communities
  • BDSM/Kink-Affirmative Therapy
  • Intersections of Spirituality/Religion and LGBTQIA+ Communities
  • Addressing Microaggressions with LGBTQIA+ Clients

Summary / Objective:

The Affirmative Couch, LLC will consider proposals for short (500-1000 words), medium (1000-1500 words), and long (1500-2500 words) articles. Article proposals must be written for mental health professionals, not community members. Authors from the communities about which they are writing are strongly encouraged to apply.


  • Authors need to submit a separate application with a 100- to 200-word abstract for each proposed article. Approximate article lengths will be agreed upon ahead of time.
  • Proposals must be for original articles that have not been published elsewhere.
  • Articles must include citations and references in APA format.


  • Ideally, authors will have at least an MA/MS in psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, or a related field and be license-eligible.
  • Preferably, authors are currently practicing as psychologists, marriage and family therapists, school counselors, professional counselors, or clinical social workers working with LGBTQIA+, consensually non-monogamous, and/or kinky clients in a mental health setting.
  • Authors without formal education in clinical psychology/mental health, but with experience in writing about relevant topics, will be considered.


  • $70-$90 for short articles (1-2 single spaced pages)
  • $100-$150 for medium articles (2-3 single spaced pages)
  • $160-$180 for long articles (3-5 pages single spaced)

Submit a Proposal

To submit a proposal for an article, fill out the application by going to the link below:

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