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Autistic-Affirmative Therapy for Allistic Providers

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Autistic- Affirmative Therapy for Allistic Providers

Presenter: Melissa Dellens, MA, AMFT

CE hours: 3

Recorded Webinar


An Allistic person is someone who is not Autistic. An Allistic therapist may struggle to make connections with an Autistic client. What does it feel like to share space, time, and conversation with another person? When we fold in the complexities of Autism we have the opportunity to experience so much more sensory and non-verbal information. This can further impact assumptions and beliefs about an Autistic person’s sexuality or gender experience.  Frustrations with empathy, understanding, and relating can emerge in the therapeutic work; which can inadvertently evoke internalized shame in a client. Mental health struggles can be overlooked and presumed to be a part of an Autistic experience. The impact of the multiple minority stressors LGBTQIA+ Autistic people face can lead to masking: the conscious and unconscious suppression of natural Autistic responses, and adoption of alternative behaviors in exchange for social inclusion and “acceptance”. In this live virtual lecture, affirmative therapists will explore differences in communication and power dynamics that can lead to masking in and out of the clinical setting. Working in this way can support LGBTQIA+ Autistic clients to move toward a more authentic, safe, and connected expression with themselves and others. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the shared minority stressors experienced by Autistic and LGBTQIA+ clients

  2. Describe autistic masking and name two interventions to support a client to unmask 

  3. Describe at least 2 transference dynamics that can occur in a therapeutic relationship between an Allistic therapist and Autistic client. 


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