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HIV/AIDS Retraumatization during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenter/Instructor: Samuel Donath, MS

3 CEs Available

Abstract: Older LGBTQIA+ individuals who survived the AIDS crisis face possible re-traumatization due to the current international COVID-19 health crisis. Helping these community members during this unique period in history presents specific clinical challenges. Special consideration and education is needed for mental health professionals to work competently with this population throughout the pandemic.

This course is designed to help providers understand how to support community members who may experience re-traumatization due to COVID-19. The lecture will focus on psychoeducation, information on the AIDS crisis and COVID-19, symptoms clients may demonstrate related to trauma or re-traumatization, potential diagnosis, a brief overview of current research on trauma, best practices and clinical considerations, development and promotion of specific coping skills, promoting resiliency, and preparing clients to manage symptoms outside of therapy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss two ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic is similar to the AIDS crisis.
  2. Identify three ways in which older LGBTQIA+ clients who lived through the AIDS crisis may be triggered by the current health crisis.
  3. Demonstrate three trauma-related coping skills older LGBTQIA+ clients who survived the AIDS crisis can use to help them through this difficult time.

Samuel Donath, MS is an associate marriage family therapist who usually splits his time being at the clinic and occasionally helping teach at university. His main therapeutic focus in on sex therapy, LGBTQIA+, trauma, anxiety, and relationship issues.


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Module 1 Module 1-1
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Brief Intro to HIV/AIDS
Unit 3 LGBTQIA+ Adults Who Survived the AIDS Crisis
Unit 4 Symptoms & Possible Diagnosis Related to Trauma - Adjustment Dx
Unit 5 Interventions - Overview
Unit 6 Conclusion + Reference List
Unit 7 Course Quiz
Unit 8 Survey
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