Account Dashboard and Course Instructions


Please follow these guidelines and instructions for the best experience.

  • You will need a stable, broadband (high-speed) internet connection with a recommended minimum speed of 5Mbps (test your internet speed here).
  • Please ensure you have the latest version of your web browser.
  • Ensure “cookies” are enabled on your web browser (Chrome instructions, Firefox instructions, Safari instructions, Edge instructions).
  • Multi-unit courses are set up to allow you to view each unit. We recommend completing the units in order (complete each unit before moving on to the next).
  • For pre-recorded courses: after completing all units, you will prompted to take the course quiz. After receiving passing grade (80%), you will be able to download your CE Certificate. You may retake the quiz multiple times.
  • For live events: You must stay for the full event. Your CE certificate will be issued directly to you.
  • Log out of your account when you are finished for the day.
  • For troubleshooting, please see tips at the end of this page and if you need assistance, please contact us.

Once you have purchased a course or membership, you can log into your account with your user/pass chosen at purchase via the My Account link at the top of our website.

Account Dashboard

After login, you will see your account dashboard.

A screenshot of the Affirmative Couch My Account user dashboard showing the tabs each user has access to

From here, you can click/tap the “tabs” at the top to view your Courses, view or update your Account information, see all of your Orders and Subscriptions, and logout of your account.

Viewing a Course and Receiving Your CE Certificate

Please Note: If you have purchased a live Zoom course, you will be provided with Zoom information prior to your course. After the event, the video recording will be posted to the course. You will have access to rewatch if you choose.

1. Click/pap the Courses tab of the dashboard

This will show all of the courses you have purchased. If you purchased an Annual or Lifetime Membership, you will have access to all of our courses and they will be listed here.

A screenshot of the courses listed in an account dashboard

Click/tap a course name to expand the Modules/Units in that course.

A screenshot showing the My Account area for courses with the modules/units expanded for a course

Click/tap a Unit to view.

A screenshot showing an Affirmative Couch CE course from a user admin with an embedded video and course materials.

If there are multiple Units in the course, you may proceed to the next unit upon completion of the video. If your course is a recording from a live event, after watching the video, you will be able to go directly to the course quiz.

The course quiz is multiple choice and all questions will reference information presented in the course.

A screenshot showing an Affirmative Couch course quiz multiple-choice  question

Once a quiz is completed with a passing grade (80%), you will be able to download your CE certificate and results.

A screenshot showing the course quiz completion results

Troubleshooting Tips

I’ve purchased a course but can’t seem to access it.
Please make sure you clear browser cache (Chrome cache instructions, Firefox cache instructions, Safari cash instructions, Edge cache instructions) then go to the My Account link and sign on using your user/pass you choose when purchasing.

I’ve lost my login information.
From the My Account login page, there is a Lost Password link below the login form. Click/tap that to regenerate a new password.

The course video seems to stop and start (buffer).
Please make sure you have a stable, broadband (high-speed) internet connection with a recommended minimum speed of 5Mbps (test your internet speed here). Additionally, you may want to close other software or programs that require heavy use of computer or device resources while you are watching your course video(s). You may also try logging in from a different computer or device or a different web browser to see if you experience the same issue.

Don’t see your issue? Please contact us.