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Julia Maslen, LCPC, LMHC

A photo of Julia Maslen, LCPC, LMHC smiling at the camera wearing a red sweater over a black top.

Pronouns: She/her

Identities: Queer, Cisgender Woman

Language(s) Spoken: English 

Phone: 508-233-3886

Website: https://www.liscounseling.com/

Courses by Julia Maslen

Supporting Clients Coming Out in Midlife and Beyond (2 CEs)


Get to know me:

Julia Maslen (she/her)  is a therapist licensed in Maine (LCPC) and Massachusetts (LMHC) who experienced a midlife sexuality shift. She founded her therapy practice Let it Shine, LLC based on the belief that every single individual is meant to shine in their own unique, glorious ways. She supports clients with deep childhood healing work that leads to transformation and liberation from replicating the past.

She enjoys working with a variety of people and is most aligned with those who are ready to go deep with their inner explorations. Initially trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), she received her Master’s Degree at Assumption University. She completed a postgraduate certificate program in Play Therapy from Plymouth State University, and completed EMDR Basic Training from The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy.

In addition to being a Licensed Therapist, Julia is an Intuitive Healer and has completed an Intuitive Energy Healing Training Program and Shamanic Apprenticeship. She is also a dedicated community builder as she believes the power of real, authentic and mindful connection can change the world.

What does affirmative psychotherapy mean to me? 

I believe affirmative psychotherapy means honoring each and every person I work with as the precious, unique soul that they are. I believe that each individual I meet and work with,  all gender and sexuality identities, are worthy of respect and are to be treated with dignity and care. It means honoring all differences, unique expressions, lifestyles, and personal choices. I am educating myself regularly and am dedicated to examining my own internalized beliefs and biases so I do not operate from them. I do feel this internal work is crucial to being able to offer true affirmative psychotherapy.

What populations do I work with? What is my level of expertise for each of those populations?

I work with adults of all ages and stages. Queer/Straight/Fluid/Any & All gender identities and backgrounds. ALL are welcome in my practice. 

Beyond labels and identities, what unifies my clients is their willingness to go deep to truly find themselves. They have the courage to look within, find their light, through the darkness, and take steps to fully honor themselves through the healing process.

What is my approach to healing?

I feel the relationship is the most important aspect of therapy and all healing work. I am highly relational and aim to provide a sense of safety and security throughout the process.

Instead of viewing my clients as a diagnosis or list of symptoms I see each person as a fully whole individual with many strengths. I believe we each have the keys to healing within ourselves and that my job as a therapist is to empower those I work with to find those keys. My intention is to provide a space for each person I work with to learn how to connect with their inner voice and internal guidance and learn to trust and be themselves.

What issues am I most skilled at addressing as a mental health professional?

I believe in getting to the roots of issues so true transformation can occur. My specialty is helping clients illuminate unresolved childhood wounds, making the past/present connections, healing old belief systems and energy. With this approach I support my clients to liberate themselves from replicating wounds, patterns, and traumas in adulthood.

Healing Childhood Emotional Neglect: Inspired by Dr Jonice Webb’s work, I help clients learn how to connect with their emotions

Healing for Healers: I support my fellow therapists and healers through deep healing and empowerment work

EMDR: Using EMDR, I support clients to address childhood rooted trauma stored in their body so they can free themselves from chains of the past

Pregnancy & Postpartum Support: I support parents through their own childhood healing so they can be present for themselves and their own children


Education: Master’s Degree at Assumption University, 2011

License # and State: Maine CC6568 LCPC, Massachusetts 8444 LMHC

Years in Practice: In Private Practice for 3 ½ years. Practicing therapy since 2011.

Additional Credentials: Completed Intensive EMDR Basic Training, Post-graduate Play Therapy Certificate, Certified Intuitive Energy Healer. Completed Shamanic Apprenticeship.


100 Gray Rd. Falmouth, Maine 04105 Bathroom is accessible and open to ALL


Fee Range: Intake $200, Sessions $150

Accepted Payment Methods: Credit Card, Check

Accepted Insurance Plans: No insurance accepted yet I can provide Superbills for Out-of-Network Benefits