Brittany Trexler, LPC, LCPC

A black and white self-photo of Brittany Trexler

Pronouns: She/her

Identities: Bisexual, polyamorous, neurodivergent, cisgender femme

Language(s) Spoken: English

Phone: 571-216-1335

Address: 600 Savage St. Baltimore, MD 21224

Website: Spaces Between Counseling Services

Courses by Brittany Trexler, LPC, LCPC

  • Polyunsure after Polysecure (2 CEs)

Get to know Brittany:

Brittany Trexler is a lover of board games, competitive pole dancer, former professional ballroom dancer, and all around goofball. As a bi, polyam, neurodivergent person, she is incredibly passionate about education for queer communities and polyamorous acceptance. She counts herself lucky to have found some truly incredible humans to call her partners, and believes our experiences connecting with others is what makes life both meaningful and just plain fun.

Brittany holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and is working towards a PhD in Sex Therapy at Widener University. Her dissertation looks at identity development for people who sit at the intersection of kink and polyamory.  She has worked in a variety of therapeutic settings from outpatient to prisons and highly values both humor and healing. She hopes to provide polyamorous and kink education for therapists across the nation and help shape an informed, affirmative new generation of therapists. 

What does affirmative psychotherapy mean to me?

Affirmative psychotherapy means meeting people where they are and as they are while holding space for who they want to become. To be truly affirmative, a therapist must sacrifice the idea that they know any specific “right” way of doing something and work to find value in the way clients think, feel and act. That does not mean therapists don’t challenge clients or provide different perspectives but instead they honor the goals clients set for themselves and find ways to support growth. It also means sometimes helping clients recognize where there may even be room for growth in their goals or opportunities for learning. 

What populations do I work with? What is my level of expertise (friendly, knowledgeable, expert) for each of those populations? 

I work with adults seeking general mental health care or sex therapy. I specialize in working with kink/BDSM and non-monogamous/polyamorous clients. I consider myself somewhere between knowledgeable to expert for these specific populations. I am currently working on a dissertation around poly and kink identity development which continues to show me there is always more to learn!

What is my approach to healing?

I believe our experiences connecting with others is what makes life both meaningful and just plain fun but often our past hurts keep us from fully connecting to others. Every person has areas of hurt which need healing and anyone asking to take that journey deserves the chance to have a compassionate person to collaborate with and challenge them. Healing is an ongoing process as there will always be a new challenge around the corner so you never know what tools you might need in your toolbox. Humor is a staple in working with me, and I encourage people to feel they can discuss the “uncomfortable” topics of sex, kink, race, trauma, and whatever else sits on their minds.

What issues am I most skilled at addressing as a mental health professional?

I am trained as a sex therapist so I can work with a wide variety of general mental health and sexual concerns. My true passions are helping people navigate kink, entering nonmonogamy, and breaking free of toxic teachings. 


Education: Years in Practice: 5

School: Longwood University (MS in Counselor Education) and Widener University (MEd in Sex Therapy, current doctoral student in Sex Therapy)

Year Graduated: 2018

License # and State: Virginia – 0701010829; Maryland – LC13091


 Individual fee: $200 / 45-minute session

Couples + Polycules Fee: $350 Initial intake session (2 HOURS) / $300 Follow-Up 90-minute session

Accepted Payment Methods: credit card

Accepted Insurance Plans: OON