Alison Picard, MA | The Affirmative Couch

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Alison Picard, MA

Alison Picard, MA

Pronouns: She/Her
Position: Strategy and Communications Coordinator
Identities: Queer, Femme, Cisgender Woman
Language(s) Spoken: English



Get to know me:

I’m an associate MFT working in private practice, where I see individual adults, adolescents, couples (and other relationship forms), and families. My approach is psychodynamic, feminist post-modern, and trauma-informed. My experience includes working with anxiety, depression, life transition, LGBTQIA concerns, grief, death and dying, and personality disorders.

What does affirmative psychotherapy mean to me?

One of the most important aspects of affirmative psychotherapy is that it considers how the effect of growing up and living in the world as an LGBTQIA person affects one’s emotional and psychological development, and brings that understanding into the therapeutic work. An affirmative psychotherapist knows that a neutral approach is a harmful approach—such as taking on a “we are all the same” mindset. The fact that all human beings deserve the same care and respect does not mean that every individual moves through the world with the same level of psychological freedom or oppression. An affirmative stance is an active stance, one that involves explicit inclusivity, and seeks out ongoing education, training, and awareness. Our duty as clinicians is to come to the therapeutic relationship having done (and continuing to do) our own study and self-reflection, and offering a humble curiosity and desire to know how each client defines the facets of their individual identity, and what that experience has been.

Random Fact

I love to knit colorful blankets!