Chase Cates, DO, MPH

Chase Cates, DO, MPH

Pronouns: he/him
Language(s) Spoken: English

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Get to know me:

I grew up in Dallas, TX as a closeted gay kid. Being around southern culture and seeing the discrimination LGBTQ people faced kept me in the closet until medical school. After graduating high school, I moved to San Angelo, TX to get my Bachelor’s degree in Biology with minors in business and chemistry. From there, I moved to College Station to get a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Next, I went to Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at Seton Hill for medical school in Greensburg, PA. I was there first 2 years during the lecture years, then spent 2 years in Elmira, NY for my clinical rotations. During this time, I got to do an away rotation at an HIV clinic in Dallas, where I got my first taste in the field and loved it.

After finishing medical school, I did my residency in Internal Medicine in Searcy, AR. While in Arkansas, I witnessed the discrimination LGBTQ people face in healthcare first hand, and initially laid low and kept my head down. I had a student tell me, “I hope you find God” after finding out I was engaged to my partner. I had nurses make comments behind my back that would come back to me. I witnessed an attending speak down about a transwoman he was admitting to me. I witnessed a trans patient begging to have a doctor accept her, as she needed her hormones. I had enough of these abuses. There was only so much I could do as a resident, so I did what I could and educated my peers. I did several lectures regarding LGBTQ health issues so others were aware of what we faced.

This ignited a passion and led me to complete a fellowship in LGBTQ Healthcare and HIV at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). It was the first of its kind, and I was the first to go through. It was an empowering and incredibly rewarding experience. I was able to take what I learned from that fellowship and bring it back with me to San Antonio, TX where I am now working at a non-profit organization focusing on LGBTQ Healthcare, which entails primary care, PrEP/PEP, HIV, HRT/GAHT, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, STI screening and treatment and anal cancer screening. I have also signed on to be a preceptor for the local medical school to teach medical students the importance of LGBTQ Healthcare early on.


Fellowship in LGBTQ Healthcare and HIV at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

D.O. at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at Seton Hill