Chief Cat Officer - Diego

Pronouns: He/Him (but pretty flexible as gender is a human social construct)

Position: Chief Cat Officer

Contributions: snuggles, lap sitting, and conversation starter

Identities: Cat

Language(s) Spoken: feline vocalizations

Get to know Diego:

When I was 3-weeks-old, I was rescued on San Diego Pride weekend of 2006 and that’s how I got my name. I take my job as chief cat officer at The Affirmative Couch very seriously and try to be involved in every zoom meeting. I even join in on some of the CE courses and try to demonstrate the importance of unconditional positive regard! However, sometimes I get distracted by cat toys which I love hunting. I demand celebration for my hunt immediately by meowing loudly to be acknowledged by the other leaders at The Affirmative Couch!

What issues am I most skilled at addressing?

Any moment that needs a moment to slow down for snuggles, play or pets – I’m ready for it!


Years in Practice: 16