Elijah J. Allen

Elijah J. Allen

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Position: Scholarship Reviewer
Identities: Cisgender, Black, Male, Bisexual
Contact: Contact@ElijahJAllen.com
Website: ElijahJAllen.com

What I do?

I manage the social media accounts as well as plan, design, and implement various digital media strategies.

Get to know me:

Entrepreneurship runs deep in the family, I’m a third generation business owner and I’m pretty proud of my lineage. I am a huge Pixar fan; my favorite film being Finding Nemo. I’m also a sucker for anything sweet or in gummy form.

What does affirmative psychotherapy mean to me?

It is to me a safe place where no one feels alone, judged, or corrected. A place where one discovers their true self is quite alright.

Random Fact:

I’m probably the only one in my generation who still hasn’t seen Titanic.