Tayler Rose

Taylor Rose

Name & Degree/License: Tayler Rose M.A. in Professional Psychology

Pronouns: He/Him

Identities: White, male

Language(s) Spoken: English

Phone: (503) 913-3989

Location: Fitchburg, MA

Get to know me: Born and raised in Portland, Oregon before seeking an undergraduate degree majoring in psychology. During this program, I was able to attend school in Berlin Germany, being able to learn about global health networks from doctors without borders, before coming back to Portland. Once back utilizing that information in my senior capstone working with adults with developmental disabilities as a counselor. Immediately finishing undergrad being able to follow my passions of working in the mental health field and attaining my Masters on route to my Doctorate in clinical psychology. Over the course of my schooling I was able to attain my current positon as a Pride clinician working with adolescents at an In-Home Level of care as well as providing outpatient and psychological testing. This is where my clinical passions reside in working with this population. I am currently also teaching psychology at a local university and working at a trauma center in multiple roles

What does affirmative psychotherapy mean to me?
It means coming from a non-judgemental, curious, perspective to embrace and promote the individual that is coming in for services. Regardless of your own identities and biases, being able to put those aside to make space for the individual to have a place to feel empowered, supported and most importantly not judged for who they are. This allows people to explore, demystify, and feel comfortable with who they are from someone who feels safe, non-judgemental, affirming of who they are.

What populations do I work with? What is my level of expertise (friendly, knowledgeable, expert) for each of those populations?
Adolescent (12-17), Young adult, Families/ Family systems, LGBTQIA+, Eating disorders, Complex Trauma, PTSD and other trauma related disorders, Depression, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Anxiety related disorders are all populations that I feel comfortable stating I have an expert level of expertise in. I am knowledgeable working with couples, grief, and marriage counseling. I am able to work with most presentations and situations, but have the least experience/knowledge with geriatric/end of life counseling.

What is my approach to healing?
My approach is to create a space for the client/family to first feel accepted for who they are from a completely non-judgemental position. This space creates a major foundation for healing where clients/families feel comfortable to process and understand what they feel. Then through psychoeducation, skills, perspective taking, problem solving among others create the environment for change. Also, a little bit of humor and laughing can go a long way.

What issues am I most skilled at addressing as a mental health professional?
I am most skilled in working with trauma, systems focused levels of intervention, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, from a family based intervention and individual level of intervention.


Education: Years in Practice: M.A. in Professional Psychology, PsyD (Ets. 2024) and have 9 years of experience in the field

School: Portland State University and William James College

Year Graduated: 2018 (BA) 2020 (MA) 2024 ( expected PsyD)

License # and State: License coming soon and Massachusetts


Northeast Family Services and LUK in North Central Mass


Accepted Payment Methods: Insurance
Accepted Insurance Plans: Most Insurances