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LGBT Organizational Development Training

Help more people than you ever thought possible


Provide affirmative psychotherapy to sexuality-, gender-, and relationship-expansive communities

Here’s a question that all clinic directors should ask themselves…


How accessible is my clinic to LGBTQIA+, kink, and consensually non-monogamous (CNM) communities?


If you don’t know the answer to that question, you must consider the reasons why.


Because the truth is that most members of the LGBTQIA+, kink and CNM communities are vastly underserved in the current healthcare system, especially when it comes to mental health services.


But as a clinic director, you can create more opportunities to make sure everyone who needs your care can be treated.


It starts with a little inclusivity.

become a fully affirmative clinic

But the path to better treatment for ALL means learning to become a fully affirmative clinic.

You can take the first step down that path by saying YES to professional CNM, kink, and LGBTQ diversity training and consulting from our experienced team who will move your clinic forward.

🌈 If you want ALL clients to feel comfortable at your clinic…becoming more affirmative is how you’ll do it!

🌈 If you want to put your organization’s values of diversity and inclusion into action and offer MORE services…becoming affirmative is how you’ll do it!

🌈 And if you want to signal to affirmative therapists that they can continue their mission to provide compassionate care for all at YOUR clinic…becoming affirmative is how you’ll do it!

And you can do it.

For clinic directors who think CNM, kink, and LGBTQ diversity training, consulting, and organizational development training isn’t worth the extra effort, let this be a useful reminder that real people, hundreds and thousands of real people, identify as LGBTQIA+, CNM, and/or kinky.


These people deserve great care and seek it out more than you may realize.


YES, you have a lot on your plate.


When running a clinic and taking on clients of your own, the work seems to pile up. Many important tasks you mean to get to are pushed further and further down your list.


You’re not alone there…


But when it comes to learning to practice affirmative therapy, although the process is ongoing, getting started takes just a few seconds.


And if you’re still reading right now, you have a few to spare.


And trust us…the way you’re going now won’t get those to-dos crossed off your list any time soon.

Expand your reach. Learn about affirmative therapy now!

Affirmative Couch Group Rates

Since 2018, The Affirmative Couch has supported the mental health of sexuality-, gender-, and relationship-expansive communities through educating clinics like yours.

We’re an APA-sponsored affirmative psychotherapy CE provider that offers comprehensive affirmative psychotherapy training. We also provide CNM, kink, and LGBT organizational development training courses for health professionals like you and your clinical staff.


Because when everyone has access to affirmative psychotherapists and information about their unique mental health care needs, it makes a world of difference in their lives.


Because accessibility starts with learning what affirmative therapy is and how to practice it.

Peace of mind and knowing you’ve put your best foot forward to help others goes a long way.


Especially if your efforts benefit those often overlooked.


So taking a few seconds out of your busy day to educate yourself and your clinical staff on affirmative therapy practices may be the single best thing you do with your “free” time.


All it takes is the willingness to learn and the desire to be prepared to work with all new clients.

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