What is Out on the Couch?

What is Out on the Couch?

Out on the Couch, the online magazine of The Affirmative Couch, is dedicated to fighting stigma with knowledge. When LGBTQIA+-, consensually non-monogamous-, and kink-affirmative therapists share their knowledge and experiences, the greater community of mental health professionals can further support their own clients. Affirmative mental health professionals who work closely with these communities are in an ideal position to share lessons from their practice. Finding quality online sources of information about mental health is difficult. This difficulty is further compounded by the fact that reliable sources about the mental health specifically of LGBTQIA+, consensually non-monogamous, and kinky community members can be homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, sex-negative, and monocentric, and they often fail to consider intersectional identities. 

Out on the Couch bridges the gap between research and practice. We want to highlight the mental health professionals who are already doing this work, and provide a medium through which affirmative psychotherapists can share their clinical perspectives in a digestible way to the greater body of mental health professionals. Out on the Couch is meant to offer fresh perspectives and bring awareness to issues that directly impact the everyday lives of marginalized communities. Many articles introduce key ideas and concepts expanded on in continuing education courses available at The Affirmative Couch.  

Out on the Couch is just the beginning step in training for an ever-growing body of affirmative psychotherapists! The articles offer a taste of how much there is to know and learn in the practice of affirmative psychotherapy. Out on the Couch supports our readers in gaining familiarity with a wide variety of topics within affirmative psychotherapy before diving into more advanced and in-depth training through The Affirmative Couch’s continuing education courses.


We are always seeking authors to write articles that about affirmative psychotherapy! If you are a mental health professional interested in submitting a proposal for an article, click below to fill out the application.


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