Gender Minority Stress and Resilience in Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Clients

Presenter/Instructor: addyson tucker, PsyD

1.5 CEs Available

 Abstract: Though clinicians are expanding their competence and knowledge for providing gender affirming care, there are still gaps in the training and research for working with trans and gender nonbinary (TGNB) individuals. Many TGNB individuals experience oppression and microaggressions regularly, which has significant physical, emotional, and cognitive consequences (Nadal et al., 2014). Consistent with Meyer’s minority stress model (2003), these experiences increase psychological distress and may reduce a person’s sense of self-worth, as well as impair their ability to be resilient in the face of ongoing oppression (Bockting et al., 2013; Keng & Liew, 2016; Vigna et al., 2017). Research has shown the value of building resilience to help TGNB people buffer themselves against minority stress (Breslow et al., 2015).

This course will help mental health professionals to understand how to support TGNB clients in a world where they experience oppression and pressure to adapt to white cisgender-heterosexist norms. The presenter will discuss therapy from a gender liberation perspective, uncovering the negative effects of minority stress for TGNB people. The impact of white colonization on transness will also be discussed, as well as the ways that TGNB people demonstrate resilience and persistence.

This course is meant for intermediate audiences.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify 3+ ways in which TGNB people are impacted by minority stress and oppression.
  • Identify 2+ intrapersonal resiliency factors and 2+ interpersonal resiliency factors.


m. addyson tucker

addyson tucker, PsyD – addyson (they/them) is a psychologist with a small private practice, in addition to full-time work at a university counseling center. Their specialty is working with queer, trans, and gender non-binary people, focusing on topics such as relationships, sex, trauma, oppression, anxiety, and helping many folks to access gender affirming care.






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I really enjoyed it and it kept my teams attention. It was fast moving and broken up into sections well.

I very much appreciated the balance of exploring minority stress as experienced by TGNB folx, with the more optimistic information about building resiliency.

Information was clearly presented.

Additional Information

Instruction Level

This course is meant for an intermediate to advanced audience.

Who should Attend

Psychologists, counselors, and marriage and family therapists and social workers.


Recorded Homestudy

Completion Requirements

You will need to take the post-test with at least a 80% score in order to receive your certificate for a homestudy course

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The Affirmative Couch pays course presenters for their teaching. There is no other financial support for this course.

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There is no reported conflict of interest or outside commercial support for this course.

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