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Multiplicities of Desire:

Working with the Intersection of Bisexuality and Polyamory

3-hour course (video + post test + evaluation)

Presented By: Stephanie Sullivan, LLMFT

Abstract: Bisexuality can have multiple meanings, but will be defined here as the potential to be attracted to people of more than one sex or gender, either romantically, sexually, or both (Eisner, 2013). Therapists who are working with a client who is bisexual in the polyamorous community may have to consider how their client’s bisexuality impacts them therapeutically. Bisexual individuals may be discriminated against, stereotyped, and/or have their identity erased in ways that are unique to the bi community (Bradford, 2004; Keppel, 2006; Turell, Brown, & Herrmann, 2017). Their client may have different needs, risk factors, and meaning-making than straight, gay, or lesbian clients. In addition, therapists should be acquainted with how being bisexual in the polyamorous community can be both a gift and a curse (Klesse, 2006; Robinson, 2013; Weitzman, 2006). Couples, particularly heterosexual couples, may “hunt” for a bisexual partner to incorporate into their relationship. This course will detail how therapists can help both couples and a bisexual person navigate the ethics, benefits, and disadvantages of bisexuality in polyamory. It will address “unicorn hunting,” and help therapists learn to facilitate conversations about bisexuality and healthy, ethical relationships in polyamory.

After completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • List two ways bisexual erasure can impact a bisexual client.
  • Outline five stereotypes about bisexual individuals. 
  • Identify three benefits and three disadvantages to being both polyamorous and bisexual.
  • List 3 potential problems that unicorns and unicorn-hunting couples may experience.

Licensed therapists price is $90.

Licensed therapists who work in nonprofits price is $70. (Enter code bisexualitypolyamorynp at checkout)

Student/unlicensed price is $40. (Enter code plbisexualitypolyamory at checkout)

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