Radical Crafting with Queer Clinicians: Self-care, Healing and Activism

Presenter: Mikey Anderson, MA, LPC


We are in a moment in history where collective action and radical artmaking is at the forefront of our LGBTQIA+ movement in supporting Black Queer lives, whose experiences continue to be marginalized and invisibilized. We will be Centering our craft workshop on fiber crafting and activism by using embroidery to engage in a self-reflective, intersectional exploration of our Queer experiences as clinicians, ultimately proposing the practice of Craftivism (Greer) is a political act to radicalize Queer clinicians. The embroidery workshop will provoke us to express our beliefs, stances, and opinions on both personal and political matters, which inform our practices as mental health workers. In turn, this workshop will support advocacy for the participants with whom we work and who confront social injustices daily in a system designed with capitalism in mind. Through the performative actions of embroidery, we will challenge the gendered notions of crafting to disrupt the heteronormativity perpetuated in mental health practices and to form new radically Queer forms of kinship that confront these practices (Halberstam, 2011). As a Queer, white non-binary artist-art therapist, the presenter used embroidery in their own practice to challenge the American Art Therapy Association’s alignment with Karen Pence and the role of this partnership in affirming anti-LGBTQIA+ federal legislation implemented by the Trump/Pence administration, including the repeal of healthcare protections for trans Americans amidst one of the greatest public health crisis of our lifetime. The presenter seeks to use Craftivism as a call to action for Queer clinicians and allies to push the field toward a truly inclusive space for Queer folx through centering Queer voices and experiences.

Note: This is a non-CE course. 

Who should take this course:

Psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and professional counselors with crafting as a way of healing and activism.

Audience: Beginner

Time: 27 minute video


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