Join us Oct 9 for LGBTQIA+ Addictions taught by Asher Hung, MA

CE Hours: 3 hours
Recorded Webinar
Presenter: Presenter: Melissa Dellens, MA, AMFT

Presenter: Melissa Dellens, MA, AMFT

CE Hours: 3 hours

Recorded Webinar

Course Description


Nearly half of LGBT adults in the United States are religious, of which approximately three million identify as Protestant or Catholic (Williams Institute, 2020). Many LGBT youth raised with conservative religious face higher rates of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse than their cisgender and heterosexual peers (Gibbs & Goldbach, 2015). Cultural conflicts between sexuality, gender, and religion are deep, and create profound conflicts for religious people in gender and sexuality expansive communities. Identity gaps are discrepancies in different parts of an individual’s identities and can be helpful to conceptualize these conflicts (Jung, 2020). The stressors related to the identity gap between spirituality and sexuality can impact development and mental health in a variety of ways. This course will explore the intersections of sexuality, gender, and Christianity, focusing on the Bible as a source of resilience and recovery from religious trauma and spiritual abuse for Christian LGBT clients.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify bias and discriminatory beliefs toward Christianity based on historical oppression and cultural conflicts in order to make more space for religious identities in treatment.
  • Describe the impact of the identity gap that exist when a client holds both a religious and sexual or gender expansive identity.
  • Identify credible resources in LGBT religious communities as an intervention to social exclusion and isolation.


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