Suicide Prevention in LGBTQIA+ Clients

Presenter: Cadyn Cathers, PsyD

Recorded Homestudy

6 CEs


Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, but suicide rates vary by sexuality, gender, age, race/ethnicity, and a number of other factors. For example, LGBTQIA+ youth have higher rates of suicidal thoughts and behaviors than their cisgender heterosexual counterparts. Despite the prevalence, training on managing suicidal ideation and a suicidal crisis is limited for most clinicians. Additionally, the therapists’ countertransference towards a suicidal patient can include strong emotions, such as helplessness, hatred, and anxiety, which can limit the clinician’s effectiveness. 

This course will cover suicide risk and protective factors, and identification of warning signs to help psychotherapists assess suicide risk. Participants will learn about psychodynamics of suicide specific to LGBTQIA+ clients, including anger directed towards internal and external objects, desire for self-punishment, and desire to escape psychic pain. Effective interventions aimed at reducing suicidal ideation and behaviors will be covered, including management of suicidality via telehealth. Additionally, we will cover ways the therapist can take care of their own mental health when working with clients with suicidal ideation, or clients who attempt suicide or die by suicide.

As for January 2020, all California psychologists are required to complete six (6) hours of training in suicide risk assessment and intervention. This course meets the requirement for psychologists. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify at least 3 risk and protective factors of suicide with clients
  2. Implement at least 2 effective interventions for reducing suicide risk during a crisis
  3. Create a treatment plan for managing suicidality when providing telehealth services
  4. Discuss at least 2 common themes in the psychodynamics of suicidal LGBTQIA+ clients
  5. Discuss at least 2 common countertransference reactions to suicidal clients
  6. Utilize effective self care strategies for managing the emotional impact on the therapist when navigating suicidal clients or after a client has attempted or died by suicide

About the Presenter

Cadyn Cathers, PsyD smiling and standing in front a rainbow brick wall. He is wearing a light blue button down, blue slacks, and brown belt. Photo Credit: Crystal Lily PhotographyCadyn Cathers, PsyD (he/him/his) has been teaching courses on human sexuality, psychotherapy with LGBTQIA+ communities, and psychodynamic theory for over 10 years. He is the founder and CEO of The Affirmative Couch, which provides online continuing education on clinical work with LGBTQIA+, CNM, and kink communities. He is a licensed psychologist in private practice, where he focuses on psychoanalytic psychotherapy with transgender and nonbinary patients.



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Home Study
  • You will need to take the post-test with at least a 80% score in order to receive your certificate for a home study course.

Additional Information

Instruction Level

This course is meant for an intermediate audience.

Who should Attend

Psychologists, counselors, and marriage and family therapists and social workers.


Recorded homestudy

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Licensed therapists who work in nonprofits price is $99 (Use coupon code: suicidepreventionNP at checkout)

Student/pre-licensed price is $69 (Use coupon code: suicidepreventionPL at checkout)


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