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From a Distance: Navigating Polyamory During a Pandemic

Presenter/Instructor: Esther Benoit, PhD, LPC (VA)

1 CE Available

Abstract: Times of stress and transition can amplify dynamics within relationships, particularly affecting complex relationship structures like polyamorous ones. This course will explore how clinicians can support their polyamorous clients through uncertain times, and how polyamorous partners can support each other to create connection in times [...]


HIV/AIDS Retraumatization during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenter/Instructor: Samuel Donath, MS

3 CEs Available

Abstract: Older LGBTQIA+ individuals who survived the AIDS crisis face possible re-traumatization due to the current international COVID-19 health crisis. Helping these community members during this unique period in history presents specific clinical challenges. Special consideration and education is needed for mental health professionals to work competently [...]


The Psychological Impact of Suppressing Kink Identity

Presenter/Instructor: Elyssa Rice, MA, LMFT

2 CEs Available

Abstract: The world of kink exists right under our noses. From dungeons to muches, kinky folks are finding ways to express their identities within a system that encourages secrecy. To fully affirm our clients, it is imperative that we understand who they are, what they enjoy [...]


Fighting without Fighting: DBT Skills for Addressing Microaggressions

Presenter/Instructor: Rachel Jones, M.A.

2.5 CEs Available

Abstract: Microaggressions exist in the form of jokes, insults, biases, questions, and comments. They are often casual and can even be well-intended. On a day-to-day basis, microaggressions are directed toward people of color, women, gender diverse individuals, LGBTQIA+ individuals, relationship expansive individuals, and other people of marginalized [...]


Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Black Gay Men

Presenter: Muria Nisbett, LCSW

1.5 CEs Available; 1.5 hours

Abstract: Cognitive hypnotherapy is an innovative, evidence-based multimodal treatment that can be used to address a myriad of mental health issues. This modality incorporates techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy, and mindfulness. Black* gay men have long faced discrimination, rejection, fear, violence and revictimization, religious [...]


Gender Minority Stress and Resilience in Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Clients

Presenter/Instructor: Megan Tucker, PsyD 

1.5 CEs Available

Abstract: Though clinicians are expanding their competence and knowledge for providing gender affirming care, there are still gaps in the training and research for working with trans and gender nonbinary (TGNB) individuals. Many TGNB individuals experience oppression and microaggressions regularly, which has significant physical, emotional, and cognitive [...]


Helping Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Young Adults Develop Self-Compassion

Presenter/Instructor: Megan Tucker, PsyD 

1.5 CEs Available

Abstract: Self-compassion is the act of “relating to oneself with care and support when we suffer” (Neff & Knox, 2017). Though little self-compassion research has explicitly focused on trans and gender nonbinary (TGNB) participants, research has shown significant benefit of strengthening self-compassion to increase well-being and the [...]


Feminist Structural Family Therapy with Polyamorous Clients

Presenter/Instructor: Stephanie M. Sullivan, M.S., LLMFT and John Wall, MS, ALMFT

2.5 CEs available

Abstract: Even when therapists do accept a polyamorous client’s relationship style, they may not know how to apply therapeutic theories to working with the polyamorous relationship. Current family therapy approaches are not easily adaptable to address the needs of [...]


Multiplicities of Desire: Working with the Intersection of Bisexuality and Polyamory

Presenter/Instructor: Stephanie M. Sullivan, M.S., LLMFT 

3 CEs available

Abstract: Bisexuality can have multiple meanings, but will be defined here as the potential to be attracted to people of more than one sex or gender, either romantically, sexually, or both (Eisner, 2013). Therapists who are working with a client who is bisexual in the [...]


Healing Power of Open Relationships

Presenter/Instructor: Kathy Slaughter, LCSW 

4 CEs available

Abstract: Open relationships offer unique and perhaps unexpected protective factors and opportunities to heal from trauma. Working with trauma survivors who engage in open relationships challenges our best ideas about healthy relationships. Becoming a trauma-informed, consensual nonmonogamy affirmative therapist requires understanding how trauma impacts neural development, self-regulation, [...]


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