Join us April 2, 2023 for Transference/Countertransference dynamics with LGBTQIA+ clients (5  CEs) with Cadyn Cathers, PsyD.

What We Offer

Affirmative Organizational Development Consultants

As affirmative organizational development consultants (AODC), we offer a wide range of services to meet every clinic’s needs and budget.

Our services are bundled together depending on your time and financial commitment towards transforming your clinic or group practice. For our organizational members, we offer:

  • Needs assessment
  • Community narration evaluation
  • Live online customized trainings
    • Formative and summative evaluations
  • Live online predeveloped trainings
  • Impact evaluation
  • Ongoing continuing education

Needs assessment

needs assessmentAll clinicians know that the beginning of treatment entails building rapport, gathering information, assessing for strengths and limitations, and building a treatment plan. The approach our affirmative organizational development consultants use is no different. In order to dive deep, we need to build some trust and safety. One-on-one informational interviews with each member of your team will help clarify your readiness to treat sexuality-, gender-, and relationship-expansive clients. In a safer space, your team will have the opportunity to share their current experiences, ask their burning questions, and identify what they hope to get out of affirmative organizational development consulting for their individual growth. The needs assessment will review your collective strengths, limitations, and action items for your journey toward becoming more affirming. In the long term, needs assessments are great tools for applying for grants and additional funding. Clarifying your gaps in service provision and your vision for addressing them can help funders better understand your needs too!


community narration evaluation

Community narration evaluation

The Community Narration Approach is an evidence-based, empowered evaluation tool to get your team thinking together. In a group setting, your team will use storytelling to explore what your clinic does best and identify where it shines. As the experience unfolds, you will get even more insight on who is missing out on the very best you have to offer.

The LGBTQIA+, CNM, and kink communities are not just one just group of people. Each population has specific clinical concerns and needs. The community narration evaluation will help you get a better understanding of who you’re best situated to serve and why. Your team will work together to identify baselines and benchmarks for growth. The outcomes from the community narration evaluation will be documented in your technical report, and we will have a chance to return to this at the end of our collaboration. This will give you the opportunity to review the work that’s been done and your next steps beyond your partnership with our affirmative organization development consultants at The Affirmative Couch.

Live online customized training on affirmative therapy

customized online training Your needs assessment will identify specific and measurable goals your clinic needs to work toward to truly TRANSform your space. Training will be developed to dig into the clinical work, countertransference issues, and resource development for working with multiple communities. Meetings are for 1.5 hours each week. Platinum organizational members receive 48 weeks of training (72 hours) and gold organizational members receive 24 weeks of training (36 hours). In addition to the training, we conduct formative and summative evaluations to monitor your clinic’s progress.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Experiential essentialism, social constructivism, and behavioral components of sex, gender, and sexuality
  • Assisting clients with internalized homo-, bi-, and transphobia
  • The clinician’s internalized homo-, bi-, and transphobia
  • Letter writing using an informed consent model
  • Preparing clients emotionally, financially, and physically for gender confirming surgeries
  • Helping bi,- pan-, and polysexual clients dealing with erasure
  • Common barriers to effective treatment with sexuality-, gender-, and relationship-expansive communities
  • Developmental models of coming out and transitioning
  • Common transference/countertransference dynamics with sexuality and gender
  • Common models of polyamorous relationships
  • Working with jealousy in polyamorous relationships
  • Attachment styles within polyamorous relationship
  • Minority stressors unique to the polyamorous community
  • Healthy consent and power dynamics in kink relationships
  • Assessing for interpersonal violence from an affirmative lens
  • Minority stressors unique to the kink community
  • Psychological benefits of kink
  • Power dynamics in therapy
  • Providing urinalysis (UA) from an affirmative perspective
  • Building community resources and networking
  • Advocating with insurance companies and utilization review
  • Decolonizing your clinic/group practice
  • Working with suicidality in LGBTQIA+ communities

Live online predeveloped trainings on affirmative therapy

For clinics with smaller budgets, we have a pre-packaged 24-hour training that includes 6 full days on clinical work with:

  • Sexuality (lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and other sexuality-expansive communities)
  • Sex and gender (transgender, nonbinary, and intersex communities)
  • Consensual non-monogamy (polyamory, swinging, and other open relationships
  • Kink communities (kink, BDSM, fetish, and other non-vanilla identities and sexual expressions)

Formative and summative evaluations

Our affirmative organizational development consultants take an empowered approach that centers your learning and development experiences every step of the way! For our platinum and gold organizational members, we will be partners in your training education for six months to a year. The needs assessment will guide the tailored curriculum your organization receives, and we will check in periodically with our formative evaluations to make sure your staff is getting the most of their training. We will ensure that we are responding to your needs in real time as your organization becomes more affirmative and attracts more clients from sexuality-, gender-, and relationship-expansive communities! We hope that ultimately we will leave our clients, at the end of their consulting experience, with a culture of lifelong learning.

Impact evaluation

For platinum and gold organizational members, The Affirmative Couch team will have partnered with you for six months or more. Your team will have spent a lot of time, energy, and education learning to provide more affirmative care. The impact evaluation is a look back at all the work you’ve accomplished. Your team will have the opportunity to evaluate your overall experience with us, and to participate in a follow-up community narration evaluation to celebrate your clinic’s growth. All of this will be documented in final technical reports your team can use as a resource in your ongoing affirmative practices!

Continuing education library

continuing education libraryOur rich library of continuing education offerings will be at your fingertips. Explore information about unique community needs, intersections of identity, specific clinical issues, and theoretical approaches. There is currently over 32 hours of course material, and our library keeps growing!

If you think your organization can benefit from the resources and exercises offered by our affirmative organizational development consultants at The Affirmative Couch, contact us today to learn more.

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