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Elyssa Rice, MA, LMFT

Elyssa Rice, MA, LMFT

Pronouns: She/Her
Position: Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
Language(s) Spoken: English
Website: Psychology Today

Get to know me:

I strive to create a shame and judgement-free environment, encouraging self growth and more importantly vulnerability. I believe that our work together is sacred and deeply embedded in respect, connection, and trust. I recognize that in beginning our work together, I will be a stranger to you and that I must earn the trust and respect that is so vital in a healthy therapeutic relationship. This is why I work at the pace of my clients, pushing when I feel is appropriate but also being mindful of where you are at. I strive to create a space where empathy and care are unconditional, allowing for the ideal environment to truly heal.

While I am able to work with a number of mental health issues, such a depression, anxiety, work stress, and more, my primary focus of practice is sexuality. Whether exploring Kink/BDSM, Swing Lifestyles, Consensual Non Monogamy and more, I am here to help you discover your true identity and to help that blossom in a safe, affirming and empowering way.

My approach may be eclectic and I am not one to shy away from the occasional (or not so occasional) curse word but I am passionate about what I do and believe that quality, honest, and deep work can be life changing. If you are ready, let’s take this journey together.